Transformation kit from Alu-1 to Alu-2

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The kayak's module structure allows to transform the Alu-1 into Alu-2 using the Transformer kit - the skin and the additional frame pieces and the seat, which is much cheaper than the cost of a complete kayak.

  • Description

NERIS Transformer kit is the innovation technology for the folding kayaks of Alu series, which will let you save a lot on buying a new kayak and will also save space needed for storage and transportation. If you have an Alu-1 kayak, you can get a double seater NERIS Alu-2 with minimum investment. All you need is buy a Transformer kit that consists of the skin, additional frame elements and a seat.

The Transformer kit includes:

- Skin of the NERIS Alu-2 kayak;

- Cross-ribs No.2 and No.3 of the Alu-2 kayak;

- Keel bar No.2 of the Alu-2 kayak;

- Washboard kit No.2 of the Alu-2 kayak;

- Set of stringers L = 99 cm;

- Additional seat;

- Storage bag.