Paddle Egalis Swift Detachable 2 parts

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This paddle has added strength with reinforced tip of the blade to prevent it from rubbing against hard surfaces or stones. The oar's Asymmetrical shape makes it easy to use on the water.

The paddle is designed and best suited for rental services or for novice training.

The paddle is designed for beginners or intermediate rowers.

  • Description

The paddle has an asymmetrical blade for a more comfortable and complete rowing. The paddle is intended for various types of water tourism on calm water of lakes, seas.

This model is also suitable for rafting on rough water, if a small area of the blade suits. The grip on the stream is treated with a plastic coating. The blade is made of durable Fibrylon, and reinforced duraluminium for the stream guarantee the durability and reliability of the paddle.

- Shaft diameter:  28 mm
- Shaft material: reinforced aluminium
- Blade material: Fibrylon
- Blade size: 451 × 190 mm
- Blade square: 589 cm2
- Lengths: 210, 220 cm 
- 2-pieces construction
- Weight: 1110 gramm 

Made in France