NerisPUFF - light weight, comfy and stylish easy chair

Novelty of the 2019 season - light weight, comfy, stylish easy chair NerisPUFF made of the cutting-edge TPU fabric. NerisPUFF can be taken with you anywhere - family picnic or even extreme trip on the edge of the world!

The easy chair is made of ultra-modern, ultra-durable, ultra-wear-resistant and ultra-light TPU fabric (thermoplastic polyurethane) of EREZ company, Israel. All seams are welded with high-frequency current, which makes it impossible for the seam to break. NERIS company gives a lifetime guarantee for the NerisPUFF seams.

Easy chair weight - 1.5 kg. Dimensions when deflated - 12х12х30 cm. Supplied in a cover and with a compression belt. The easy chair can be inflated with the pump from a Smart / Smart Pro kayak. You can also purchase the pump separately.

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