About company

NERIS is a Ukrainian manufacturer of water equipment for river paddling as well as the sea and lake trips. We have been making kayaks and catamarans since 1999 and engaged in serial production since 2005. During this period we've covered a long path from repair of RZ, Neptun and Taymen kayaks to making our own unique boats.

First we were producing water equipment in leased premises, but in August 2006 we've obtained a construction permit and in May 2007 moved into our own production facility. This became the beginning of a long way. Later we have built a two-storey building for metalwork, installed storage containers, developed the adjacent area. Now over twenty professionals work in our company: design engineers, welders, gluers, milling-machine operators, lathe operators.

Our products can currently be purchased not only in Ukraine but also in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Poland, Norway, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and other countries.

NERIS company goals

We aim at ensuring maximum safety of ‘nautical tourists’, therefore we are not looking for ways to cheapen and simplify our equipment or make the structure too light. Whatever we do is done for the sake of reliability. A kayak is not a bicycle that can be stopped at a road-side at any moment; human life depends upon the quality of all of the components of our kayaks.

We ourselves are active nautical tourists; we've been to Cape Horn, Norway, Greenland, the Mediterranean, and paddled on many Ukrainian rivers and lakes. Our experience has enabled us to manufacture easy to assemble kayaks that are unique, comfortable and durable. They show their worth everywhere, from lakes  to rivers and oceans all over the world.

We have taken into consideration the many needs of all types of kayakers from casual paddlers with families to day trippers to the more serious expedition paddler.

Available accessories include sail rigs, rudder systems, dry bags plus many additional items specifically designed for the range of NERIS kayaks.

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