Quality and 5 year warranty

Quality in every detail

NERIS kayaks have been in production since 2006.

During these years we have produced over 3000 folding kayaks in various configurations and supply packages.

High quality is achieved due to:

- thorough choice of suppliers of duraluminium tubes, alu profiles, PVC-fabrics, fittings, threads, adhesives and other materials;

- use of the most advanced methods in metalworking, stitching and PVC welding;

- expert experience: many of our co-workers have been part of the NERIS team for ten years;

- thorough quality control at every stage of production, from manufacture to assembly to despatch.

NERIS affirms the impeccable quality of its boats and component parts by providing a five-year warranty for folding kayaks, and the company is always ready to perform the post-warranty repair, if necessary.


NERIS company guarantees that the kayaks, kayak skins/hulls, dry bags, and all Neris products are free from manufacturing defects.

In the case of detection of a manufacturing defect, please, inform us at info@neris.ua or over the phone +380 98 229 28 88 (please, e-mail us photos of the defect, the product's serial number and a picture of the last page of the Manual). Having received instructions from the NERIS staff, please send the defective product or part or pictures for evaluation. Any defective product will be repaired or replaced (to be decided by NERIS) and sent to the buyer within a reasonable period of time. Delivery to NERIS is payable by the buyer, delivery back to the buyer is payable by the NERIS company.

All NERIS kayak materials and parts are covered by a 3-year repair or replacement warranty this includes the frame and skin/hull. Kayaks in the Expedition supply set have the same warranty extended by 2 years to a 5-year warranty.

Since a kayak is a product with a very long lifetime that can be normally used for many years, this warranty does not cover damages due to improper use, inadequate care, casualties, or natural wear and tear.

Warranty can be reduced or canceled in the cases as follows:

- Commercial use or use for military purposes (a 1-year warranty is applicable in these cases).

- Using the products where water levels are low, for example rivers and shorelines where sharp objects can damage the skin and frame.

- Dragging the products on any dry surface or where sharp objects are present.

- Using kayaks and catamarans in rough water, where the possibility of contact with sharp underwater or surface objects is a possibility.

- Motorboat towing of the kayak or catamaran.

- Damages that occur during transportation without suitable packaging.

- Overloading the kayak or catamaran above the load recommended in the manual.

- Storing the kayak or catamaran not fully dried.

- Storing the kayak or catamaran, while not in use, in direct sunlight.

NERIS company performs warranty and post-warranty service. Please, don't postpone repair till spring and summer. The optimal time for repair is autumn and winter. From March to August NERIS performs only warranty repair (this rule does not refer to shipping spare parts).