Replacement skin for kayak Valkure-2 (with safety harness rope, glued seams inside)

Product code N-0728
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NERIS-produced skin for the folding kayak Valkure-2. Very durable and lightweight, complete with protectors, bracket to mount the steering, carrying handles.

With safety harness on the boat deck.

  • Description

The skin is made of a modern hard-wearing PVC fabric made by Mehler GmbH (Germany), the hull has special protector strips fitted along all of the chines that are formed by the stringers and the keel bar;

The skin has:

- practical carrying handles;

- body harness on the deck;

- bracket on the stern to mount the steering;

With the skin you can also purchase a NERIS spray deck and waist skirt that will allow you to use the Valkure-2 in adverse weather conditions and in a complex environment, like cold or rainy weather, sea or rough water.


Skin - German marine grade PVC fabric (Mehler). Density: 900 g/sq.m at the hull, 620 g/sq.m at the deck.

The hull has been reinforced with protectors along with the keel bar and stringers.

Weight - xxx kg