Sail rig Profi Upwind (5 sq.m, fixed mast) for folding kayak (Jib, main sail)

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The sail rig will broaden the possibilities of your kayak and treat you with unforgettable impressions of speed, wind and waves. 

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Technologically the sail rig has been designed for NERIS kayaks, but if necessary, it can be mounted on other models of folding kayaks.

The sail rig will broaden the possibilities of your kayak and treat you with unforgettable impressions of speed, wind and waves.

The sail kit includes elements as follows:

- mast made of anodized duraluminium tube of DIN 2024 aluminium alloy, diam. 40х1.5 mm. Mast height 3,6 м. Shrouds - LIROS D-Pro (Dyneema®) of German company Liros. 

- mainsail and jib, overall area 5 sq.m. The sails are produced by a specialized V. Kirienko sail workshop ( Sail fabric 170 g/m2 (4 ounzes) by Contender company, the Netherlands.

- centerboard cross-tube with stainless steel brackets for mounting on the kayak's washboards. The cross-tube is made of tube DIN 2024 alloy 40х1.5 mm. The assembled cross-tube length is 3.0 meters.

- two leerboards made of moisture-resistant marine grade 16 mm thick plywood, the leerboard height - 90 cm. Milling along the rear edge, three layers of marine-grade varnish, two-sided fitting with 3 mm aluminium sheet.

- two outriggers that are attached to the centerboard cross-tube. The hardware for attachment of the outrigger to the centerboard cross-tube, which is the original design by NERIS, includes the mated outrigger stringer and the hinge fitting attaching the balloon to the cross-tube. Outer outrigger balloons are made of wear-resistant fabric Cordura 1000d. Inner balloons are made of fabric by Fatra company. Balloon volume: 35 litres each.

- high quality hardware from the leading German manufacturers: blocks by Sprenger company (, rigging (sheets, shrouds, halyard for raising the sail) by Liros company ( The sail rig comes complete with the special control bar with Sprenger locking pulley, for mounting the mainsail control block.

- two handy covers for carrying the sail rig set. Package size: cover with the mast and sails (length 180 cm, diam. 25 cm, weight 5 kg), bag with outriggers, centerboard cross-tube, centerboards (dimensions 120х25х10 cm, weight 12 kg).

The sail rig kit includes the necessary adaptation of your kayak (hardware for mounting the mast and preparation for mounting the centerboard cross-tube).