Rudder system NERIS

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Rudder steering allows to easily steer a steady course in windy weather and on waves, control the kayak while paddling on large water areas. Rudder system is included into the Expedition package, but you can also mount the rudder on any kayak in the Standard package, as every NERIS kayak has a cast bracket on the stern.

  • Description

Rudder steering allows to control the kayak when paddling on big rivers, water-storage basins, lakes, in coastal areas of seas and oceans, to steer a steady course in windy weather or on waves.

The rudder system set consists of the rudder, foot rests, cords for controlling and lifting the rudder. The rear paddler controls the rudder by feet, the adjustment system allows to mount the foot rests in the position that ensures maximum comfort for the paddler.

The rudder kit elements pack compactly into a cover and are transported in a kayak backpack.

When ordering, please, mention the model of your kayak. The rudder kit can also be mounted on other models of folding, hybrid or inflatable kayaks.