Cockpit cover (Standart)

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A cockpit cover is used to protect cargo compartment from water when paddling, and to protect the kayak's inner space from rain and moisture while camping. A cockpit cover for a NERIS kayak is included into the Expedition supply set; you can also use cockpit covers optionally with any Standard kayak equipped with a spray deck.

Small NERIS cockpit - 47х87 cm.

  • Description

The cockpit cover made of waterproof fabric has been specially designed to be reliably secured at the NERIS spray deck cockpit.

The kayak complete with a spray deck, waist skirts and cockpit covers becomes a reliable boat that can be used in adverse weather conditions and in a complex environment, like cold or rainy weather, sea or rough water. When you are camping, cockpit covers will protect your kit stored in the kayak from rain and dew.

Comes in black colour. The cockpit cover folds compactly for transport in a kayak rucksack.

- Lightweight Hi-Pora fabric (Korea)

- taped seams