Double seater kayak NERIS Smart Pro S (Tandem)

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Fast, roomy and reliable hybrid kayak Smart Pro S Tandem can be used in any travel, from weekend trips to long autonomous expeditions in remote regions. The kayak has asymmetrical drop shape and hybrid design that combines inflatable tubes and a frame base. This makes the Smart Pro S model exceptionally fast, easy-handling, spacious, stable, easy and quick to assemble.

4,77 m
0,81 m
22,0 kg
200 kg
2 places
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NERIS Smart Pro S Tandem combines the best features of foldable and inflatable kayaks. The frame makes the Smart Pro S Tandem rigid, carinate and fast, on a par with the best foldable kayak models. Smart Pro S Tandem model tests have shown that if one or two tubes are damaged, the kayak stays on the water and is able to hold the course due to the frame. Robust inflatable tubes guarantee safety and stability. You can get into the kayak from water, leaning on one board.

Perfect design makes the kayak lightweight and compact. It will take you only 15 - 20 minutes to assemble or disassemble your Smart Pro S Tandem, even if you have no prior experience. The kayak can be easily carried by one person, transported in municipal transport or in a car, packed into one standard baggage place when travelling by air.

Multi-purposeness of the model allows to use it in various conditions: flat or whitewater rivers, lakes, coastal areas of the seas and oceans.

The Smart Pro S Tandem has plenty of helpful features that make any trip truly comfortable:

- The kayak's design is simple and reliable, it's easy to assemble and has no fragile plastic frame fasteners;

- The kayak has spacious bow and stern storage compartments;

- The comfortable inflatable seat is adjustable by height and back tilt;

- The kayak is packed into a lightweight and durable rucksack with adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt;

- The frame ensures floating stability and speed performance, guarantees extra safety;

- Washboards make the kayak rigid when sailing on waves and other water turbulences;

- Robust inflatable tubes guarantee safety and stability;

- The skin is made of a hard-wearing marine grade PVC fabric produced in Germany, the hull has special protector strips fitted along all of the chines that are formed by the stringers and the keel bar;

- Hip belts can be mounted for better control of the kayak on waves and rapids;

- Practical carrying handles;

- Wide Velcro fastener on the deck ensures reliable fastening of the spray deck;

- The kayak can be harnessed with a "Gennaker with an A-mast";

- Cast bracket on the stern to mount the rudder;

- Safety harness on the kayak's deck, rings on the deck and sides to attach optional rigging;

- The kayak comes with a foot pump for inflating the tubes.

- Since 2021 we equip our boats with reliable LEAFIELD MARINE valves 

The Standard kayak package includes two adjustable inflatable seats, rucksack for carrying the kayak, foot pump, assembly/disassembly manual and basic repair kit in a dry bag.

You also have an option of ordering a Smart Pro S Expedition package which additionally includes a two-cockpit spray deck, a waist skirts, a cockpit covers and a rudder system. The possibility to mount a spray deck and rudder lines as well as a waist skirts in an expedition package allows to use your Smart Pro S Tandem in adverse weather conditions and in a complex environment, like cold or rainy weather, sea or rough water.

Special dry bags have been designed for the Smart Pro S Tandem kayaks, for bow and stern, for storage compartment, for the kayak's deck. Their use will make your long autonomous travel comfortable virtually in any climatic zones of the world.

Includes - frame with washboards, skin with integrated inflatable sponsons, 2 seats, kayak bag, repair kit, manual, pump.

Kayak length (without rudder) - 4,77 m.

Kayak width (Beam) - 0,81 m.

Сockpit width - 0,40 m.

Weight - 22,0  kg.

Pack Size - 110х55х25 cm.

Seats - 2 adults.

Payload - 200 kg.

Assembly Time - 15 min.

Warranty - 3 years.


- Rudder - optional,

- Spray-deck (2 cockpits) - optional,

- Spray-skirts, cockpit cover - optional,

- Sail kit - optional,

- Bench seat flaps, canoe seat - optional.


Skin: density of 750 gsm for the hull and 620 gsm for the deck and sponsons.

High-quality marine grade PVC fabrics made by Mehler (Germany).

Carry bag - Polyester 300D.

Cross-ribs and washboard - anodized Duralumin tube D16T (DIN 2024).

Keel bar - profiled oval tube, anodized alloy 20x35mm (DIN 6063).

Removable fasteners - stainless steel nuts/bolts.

LEAFIELD MARINE valves (United Kingdom)