NERIS Alu Transformer

Alu is the series of classical NERIS kayaks with aluminium frame. You can use affordable and spacious Alu kayaks to travel on inland waters, such as rivers, lakes and water reservoirs. The unique feature of the series is the possibility to transform any single model into any other, thus saving money and storage space.

Are you thinking of going on a family camping trip, longer river trips with friends or taking your boat with you on fishing trips?  The Alu-transformer will allow you to accomplish this. Easily transform a single seater into a double or triple seater and vice versa! Alu kayaks are the classics of boating embodied in modern technologies and an affordable  means of becoming part of the boating world.

The frame structure makes the Alu series the leader in space saving design and with its streamlined shape makes it fast, controllable and directionally stable. One of the main advantages of the Alu kayak is its roomy cargo compartments that make it possible to use the Alu for family camping trips and long autonomous journeys.

A unique feature of the Alu series, its module design, allows to transform the models one into another by means of the transformer kit. With this framed transformer kayak you can have not just one model but more, while saving up to 70% of the new kayak price as well as the storage space.

The kayak is supplied with practical inflatable seats. The possibility to mount a spray deck and rudder cables as well as waist skirts in an expedition package allows one to use your Alu in adverse weather conditions - cold or rainy weather. Besides, special dry bags have been designed for the bow and stern of the Alu kayak’s cargo compartments. Their use will make your extended trips comfortable in virtually any weather conditions..

Within the Alu kayak family you can find agile single seaters, classical double seaters, roomy triple seaters for family trips or for long-distance autonomous expeditions for two paddlers.