Advantages of the frame kayaks

Framed kayaks can be traced back to Eskimo and Aleutian kayaks and canoes. But nowadays no one makes the frame out of walrus and whale bones, and the skin is no longer made out of seal skin. Now aluminium alloys, stainless steel and marine grade Birch are used for the frame, and the skin is made of fabrics with special polymer coating.

Modern frame kayaks have a number of advantages as follows:

1. The main advantage of a frame kayak is its small size and portability. You can pack your kayak into one or two rucksacks and take it with you in almost any trip. You can fit your kayak into a car, take with you on a train, plane or a helicopter. The geography of your adventures is limited only by your experience and imagination.

2. Frame kayaks are made of hi-tech modern lightweight materials, which makes them reliable with a long service life. The kayak's useful life is 20 years or more. Taking good care of your kayak and ensuring timely repair, it can be a lifetime investment.

3. When assembled, a frame kayak is every bit as fast and comfortable as rigid-hulled kayaks. NERIS kayaks offer the best performance among folding kayaks. Spray decks and waist skirts add to make your journey comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

4. Frame/folding kayaks are the most habitable ones. In them it's easier to place both passengers and kit. Gear can be placed along the Keel ‘boards’, in the bow and stern. Depending upon the model your NERIS kayak can be configured as a Single, Double or Triple, this is especially important for families with children and dogs.

5. A frame kayak can be fitted with a 3 - 5 sq. m. sail rig that will considerably broaden the boat’s possibilities, turning you kayak into a small yacht.

6. With some skills and depending on the model the average assembly/disassembly time is 10 - 30 minutes.

7. As a rule, minor damage such as punctures or abrasions can be easily repaired in either  field conditions or at home. With, for example with a skin puncture, a NERIS kayak can stay afloat for an extended time. A simple skin repair can be made using reinforced adhesive moisture-resistant tape. With a slight leak on a the NERIS, with its ‘Hybrid’ design, your NERIS kayak can be paddled to a safe location to effect a permanent repair. This is not the case with inflatable boats.

8. On the hulls of NERIS kayaks, profiled rubber protector keel strips are adhered to where the skin comes in contact with the kayak frame.

Summary. A frame kayak is the best solution for long (from three days to a few weeks) expeditions on not too complicated (up to Class III) rivers, lakes, water reservoirs and in coastal areas of seas. These can be either sport (races) or family trips.

NERIS company has been engaged in serial production of frame kayaks for over 15 years. As of today the company is among the Top-10 frame kayaks manufacturers. Due to stable high quality NERIS kayaks have found their fans in many countries of the world.