Modern technologies

NERIS company has been producing frame kayaks since 2005. During this time huge experience has been accumulated in the sphere of engineering and production of lightweight, reliable and durable single, double and triple seater kayaks of Smart, Alu and Valkure series. NERIS constantly improves and refines its products, taking into consideration feedback and suggestions of our customers from all parts of the world, changing the technology, materials and component parts. The kayaks are easy to assemble and reliable due to the company's engineering solutions and high quality materials.

Longitudinal frame:

Made of anodized duraluminium tube of D16T grade (DIN 2024) produced by the U.S. company ALCOA, the world's leader in production of aluminium alloys. This alloy grade is used in aerospace industry and has high durability, lightness and elastic resilience.

Keel bar:

Made of profiled oval tube 35x20x1.5 mm. The keel bar has enhanced vertical rigidity. Due to the high profile of the tube (35 mm) the kayak's skin is at a safe distance from the cross ribs and other frame elements, that excludes damage to the skin if there is an impact from below, if the kayak runs over a stone, log, etc.

Transverse frame:

In the kayaks of ALU and SMART series the cross ribs are made of lightweight and strong duraluminium tube of D16T alloy with stainless steel stringer supports.

In the Valkure series the cross ribs are made of marine grade birch plywood coated with special marine varnish made by Tikkurila company (Sweden). Aesthetics and warmth of natural wood is the signature style of the NERIS Valkure kayaks. The Valkure series are a wonderful choice for ocean paddling and extended trips.


The skin is made of marine grade PVC fabric with material density 900 g/m2 for the hull and 620 g/m2 for the deck. Only the highest quality fabrics, by Mehler Germany, are used in production. On the hull profiled rubber protector strips are glued along chines formed by keel bars and stringers. Fabrics, sewing threads and protectors used in production are damp- and fungus-proof, and resistant to other factors that are potentially damaging to the skin.


NERIS kayaks are supplied with inflatable seats. The seats are reliably fastened with belts inside the boat, with a possibility to adjust, moving them forwards or backwards. Besides, inflatable seats add buoyancy that ensure additional safety. For the seats, quality PVC fabrics, YKK buckles and air valves produced by the U.S. company HalkeyRoberts are used.


The signature feature of the NERIS kayaks is their special washboard/cockpit coaming profile. It is easily attached to the kayak, is durable and improves the overall appearance. The spray deck and sail rig can be reliably attached to it.