Spray-deck NERIS Smart Pro S (1 cockpit)

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The optional PVC spray deck and separate spray skirt (standard on the expedition version) offers reliable protection for the kayak's interior, gear and the paddler. The spray deck is supplied with the Smart Expedition version, it can also be easily attached to any Standard kayak since every NERIS Smart Pro kayak has a Velcro strip permanently attached around the perimeter of the deck.

  • Description

NERIS Spray decks are made of a reinforced PVC material and when attached prevent water from entering your kayak. The spray deck has been designed to be used in conjunction with the NERIS Spray Skirt. The Spray Deck and Spray Skirt on the Expedition version, or as an option on the standard version kayak allows the use of the Smart in adverse conditions, cold or rainy weather and rough water.

The spray deck incorporates a pocket made of mesh material with a Velcro closure – handy for a thermal mug or water bottle, sunglasses, phone and other small items.

Spray decks for Smart kayaks have an additional Velcro flap in the bow and stern, providing additional reliability and waterproofing.

The spray deck comes in black as standard, other colours are available upon request.

The spray deck folds for easy transport in a kayak rucksack.


- Number of cockpits - 1.

- Lightweight PVC-coated fabric made by MEHLER of Germany.

- The Velcro is made by Coats in the UK - 40 mm wide.

- Shaping of the cockpit opening is done by means of a formed aluminium tube (10 mm x1 mm). The ring is made of PVC and high frequency welded to the spray deck ensuring a watertight.

- Weight - ХХХ.