Double seater folding kayak NERIS Valkure-2 (without inflatable sponsons)

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Swift-sailing, roomy and reliable, Valkure-2 kayak has been designed for long trips on lakes, flat and whitewater rivers and in coastal areas. Due to its accomplished shape and structural strength this model features exceptional speed performance, good rudder performance, long and safe service. Valkure can also be used as a sailing vessel, fast kayak for competitions and races.

5.5 m
0.84 m
31 kg
300 kg
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Roomy storage compartments, comfortable inflatable seats, possibility to mount a spray deck, rudder and sail rigs make NERIS Valkure kayak one of the best models for long expeditions in any conditions. Valkure-2 allows you to cover technically complicated long-distance extreme routes, expeditions in the regions far from civilisation, rivers with rapids up to Class III, sailing in brackish coastal lakes and coastal areas.

Valkure expedition kayak is the best model for sailing sport and sailing trips. With the sail rig the kayak handles well on waves and with the side wind. At the same time, due to their speed performance Valkure kayaks often participate and win in various competitions, orienteering festivals and races.

Features of the NERIS Valkure-2 model:

  • The kayak's design is simple and reliable, it's easy to assemble and has no fragile plastic frame fasteners;
  • It has roomy storage compartment in the bow and stern, the kit can also be stowed alongside the boat;
  • It is supplied with practical inflatable seats;
  • The kayak's frame design features a number of original engineering solutions (twin stringer system, polyurethane bottom stringer support) that allow to assemble the kayak in less than 30 minutes;
  • The kayak has seven cross ribs made of moisture-resistant marine grade plywood that ensures enhanced durability and reliability of the frame;
  • The skin is made of hard-wearing marine grade PVC fabric, the hull has special protector strips fitted along all of the chines that are formed by the stringers and the keel bar;
  • Practical carrying handles;
  • The kayak can be used as a fast single seater for long solo expeditions with a big amount of cargo;
  • It handles perfectly on waves and with the side wind;
  • The kayak can be harnessed with a "Profi" and "Gennaker with an A-mast" sail rig;
  • Cast bracket on the stern to mount the rudder;
  • Body harness on the kayak's deck;
  • The kayak is packed into two lightweight and durable rucksacks with adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt;
  • The kayak can be recommended for seas and oceans, for rivers with rapids up to Class III.

The Standard kayak package includes two adjustable inflatable seats with a tall backrest, handy rucksacks for carrying the kayak, assembly/disassembly manual and the basic repair kit in a dry bag.

Valkure-2 Expedition package additionally includes a two-cockpit spray deck, two waist skirts, two cockpit covers and a rudder system. The possibility to mount a spray deck and rudder lines as well as waist skirts in an expedition package allows to use Valkure in adverse weather conditions and in a complex environment, like cold or rainy weather, ocean or rough water.

Special dry bags have been developed for the Valkure-2 kayaks, for the bow and stern, for the storage compartment and deck. Their use will make your long autonomous travel comfortable virtually in any climatic zones of the world.

Includes - frame, skin, 2 seats, 2 kayak bags,  manual, repair kit.

Kayak length (without rudder) - 5,50 m.

Kayak width (Beam) - 0,84 m.

Weight in bag - 35,5 kg.

Pack Size - 110х45х25 cm and 150x25х25 cm (delivery in 2 bags)

Seats - 2 adults.

Lifeline around the kayak deck.

Payload - 300 kg.

Assembly Time - 30 min

Warranty - 3 years.


- Rudder,

- Spray-deck with 1 or 2 cockpit holes,

- Spray-skirts, cockpit cover,

- Sail kit.


Kayak skin - High-quality marine grade PVC fabrics made by Mehler (Germany) density of 750 g/m2 (hull) and 620 g/m2 (deck).

Hull - profiled PVC protector strips glued along chines formed by keel bars and stringers.

Carry bag - Polyester 300D.

Cross-ribs - 11 layer laminated moisture proof birch plywood typically used in the yacht-building industry. The cross ribs are treated with a special impregnation 1st coat, and then is coated with three layers of marine varnish made by Tikkurila (Sweden). The aesthetic look and natural warmth of wood are the key features of NERIS Valkure kayaks.

Stringers - anodized Duralumin tube D16T (DIN 2024).

Keel bar - profiled oval tube, anodized alloy 20x35mm (DIN 6063).

Brackets (cross-rib - stringer) - molded polyurethane;

Removable fasteners - stainless steel nuts/bolts.