We stay strong and our factory is functioning


Dear NERIS friends!

We kept silent for a long time - these two months were full of events but everything merged and it feels like a one big day. Probably, like for every Ukrainian.

After a temporary evacuation from the village of Stari Petrivtsi, which was in the war zone, we returned to our production. Thanks to the Ukrainian defenders and good luck - all NERIS employees are back. Although some of our workers found themselves in the temporary Russian occupation - those who live in the villages of Demidov, Kazarovichi, Dimer. All left the occupation and have now returned to the liberated territory.

During those days, we worked in Kyiv all this time. NERIS, together with Ordana sport, has established the production of military equipment and has already provided several hundred Ukrainian defenders with NERIS Tactical carrier system that we designed inhouse, dry backpacks, and even kayaks and paratroopers for special tasks.

In Petrivtsi, we continue to produce military equipment, which can be found on our website - in the section Products - Military products. We have also resumed production of the main products - kayaks, airtight packages, craft. A working economy is the foundation and an integral part of our future Victory. We wish everyone good health, strength, inspiration and victory!

Konstantin Abramov and the NERIS team

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