Double seater folding kayak NERIS Alu-2 Expedition

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You can use the classical double seater Alu-2 Expedition kayak to travel on the inland water, such as rivers, lakes and water reservoirs. It is perfectly suitable both for a weekend camping trip and for long-distance autonomous trips. Streamlined shape makes the kayak fast, controllable and directionally stable.

The Expedition supply set includes a spray deck, a rudder system, waist skirts and cockpit covers that allow to use the Alu-2 in adverse weather conditions, like cold or rainy weather. If you wish, you can equip your kayak with an additional seat for short trips or camping trips with a child, and buying a Transformer kit, you can easily transform your Alu-2 into a single or triple seater, while saving funds and storage space.

5,0 m
0,84 m
32,1 kg
250 kg
2 places
+ baby
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NERIS Alu-2 is a unique framed kayak-transformer. If you have an Alu-2 kayak, you can easily get a single seater NERIS Alu-1 or a triple seater NERIS Alu-3 with minimum investment. The kayak's module structure allows to transform the models using the Transformer kit - the skin and the extra frame pieces of the respective models, which is up to 70% cheaper than the cost of a complete kayak.

Here you can find detailed information on transforming the Alu series kayaks.

Features of the NERIS Alu-2 model:

  • The kayak's design is simple and reliable, it's easy to assemble and has no fragile plastic frame fasteners;
  • In the center of the kayak there is a big storage compartment;
  • It is supplied together with practical inflatable seats;
  • The kayak is packed into a lightweight and durable rucksack with adjustable shoulder straps and a hip belt;
  • The rucksack's dimensions are 45х25х110 cm, upon request the kayak can be packed into two rucksacks (one for the skin and one for the frame).
  • Alu-2 has closed Duralumin cross ribs with stainless steel stringer supports, which significantly increases its reliability, durability and useful life;
  • The skin is made of hard-wearing marine grade PVC fabric, the hull has special protector strips fitted along all of the chines that are formed by the stringers and the keel bar;
  • Practical carrying handles;
  • The kayak can optionally be equipped with the third seat to accommodate a child;
  • The kayak can be used as a single seater for long solo expeditions with more cargo;
  • The kayak can be harnessed with a "Gennaker with an A-mast";
  • With no inflatable balloons the boat has more available storage;
  • Cast bracket on the stern to mount the rudder;
  • Body harness on the kayak's deck;
  • Not recommended for sea and ocean, as salty water can over time affect the durability of Duralumin cross ribs.

The Expedition kayak package includes two adjustable inflatable seats, a handy rucksack for carrying the kayak, assembly/disassembly manual, basic repair kit in a dry bag, three-cockpit spray deck, two waist skirts, one cockpit cover and rudder system.

You can also order the Alu-2 Standard kayak package that includes the kayak with adjustable inflatable seats, a handy rucksack for carrying the kayak, assembly/disassembly manual and the basic repair kit in a dry bag.

Special dry bags have been developed for the Alu-2 kayaks, for the bow and stern, for the storage compartment and deck. Their use will make your long autonomous travel comfortable virtually in any climatic zones of the world.

Includes - frame, skin with protectors, 2 seat, 1 or 2 kayak bag,  manual, repair kit.

Length - 5,00 m.

Kayak width (Beam) - 0,84 m.

Weight in bag -32,1 kg.

Pack Size - 110х45х28 cm (one bag, standart) or 90x45х25 cm and 110x25х25 cm (delivery in 2 bags, optional).

Seats - 2 adults, or 2 adults + 1 children (optional).

Lifeline around the kayak deck.

Payload - 250 kg.

Assembly Time - 25 min.

Possibility to transform Alu-2 model into Alu-1 or Alu-3 model.

- Rudder,

- Spray-deck with 3 cockpit holes (central cockpit hole is the access to the central storage space),

- 2 spray-skirt, 1 cockpit cover.

Warranty - 3 years.


- Sail kit - optional.


Kayak skin - High-quality marine grade PVC fabrics made by Mehler (Germany) density of 900 g/m2 (hull) and 620 g/m2 (deck).

Hull - profiled PVC protector strips glued along chines formed by keel bars and stringers.

Carry bag - Polyester 300D.

Cross-ribs and stringers - anodized Duralumin tube D16T (DIN 2024).

Keel bar - profiled oval tube, anodized alloy 20x35mm (DIN 6063).

Brackets (cross-rib - stringer) - Stainless steel 0.8 mm.

Removable fasteners - stainless steel nuts/bolts.